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Topic: Another oldie..........

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    Another oldie..........

    Hi Folks - I thought long and hard about this. My original goal was to take ALL of the works that Dr. Siu and I had sequenced and that I'd rendered in the past 7 or so years with old ROM technology, and render them anew with the latest technology like GPO, GOS, and all the other stuff available to me via GigaStudio and such.

    I'd been successful up to this point with all the posts that I'd had in the past year or so. However, I can say that after several attempts on THIS work with the newer technology, I can say with the most assuredness that I'm frustrated - to the point of giving up. Every time I try something new on this work with new samples, it doesn't sound as good to me as the original that I have here, sequenced by Dr. Siu, and rendered by me, using the latest ROM tech in 1999.

    I'm worried that I'm just sorta stuck in the past with this rendering. The problem is that when I go with the new stuff - IT DOESN'T SOUND AS GOOD as the original rendering.

    What to do?

    Gary, please forgive me, but I haven't been able to make this sound better with GOS, GPO and the like. I just want some opinions as to how to approach re-doing this MIDI file that I LOVE so much!

    Should I just forget it, and leave it as it is, or should I go for it - that is a new version??

    Bear in mind that I'm mixing with new headphones - Sennheiser HD-650's, and in doing so, I may have colored the sound a bit, but bear with me.

    If you can get past that fact, and provide some serious critique of the work so far as to its shortcomings, I will have an idea of how to proceed with the new technology available to me.




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    OK, first off let me apologize if I do not understand this correctly. Is this a sample of your work in the past or your attempt to render with new technology?
    Either way, without getting technical, this is very impressive! Very musically rendered using effective dynamics, expression, and orchestrate techniques. I really can't make a solid objective critique except that the strings sometime sound too synthy at times.
    Without going any further, please clear up my misunderstanding so I can make a more objective critique.
    Yet, this is obviously a masterful handling of sound sources, regardless! I have NO idea why you would be so HARD on yourself! If this is rendered with new technology then you are 90% there! DO NOT throw in the towel!!!
    Class "A" work for crying out loud!

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    Re: Another oldie..........

    That's the prob Styxx, this is strictly the old stuff.


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    Then my friend you should consider working hard at rendering this fine work of art with the best in sample libraries. Undoubtedly you have mastered the art of midi. All you need to do is take the time and work with this new sample technology. I like what I hear however I must agree with my own suspicions this piece would sound a thousand times more convincing and exciting using GOS, GPO and what ever you have in your "new technology" arsenal.
    I won't believe you can't do it for one minute! Your talent speaks loud! Get going and prove yourself wrong in you inhibition.
    Let me appeal to you with another consideration. Have you considered replacing some of the instruments (like the strings) with GPO or GOS or whatever? Maybe instead of trying to redo the whole orchestration with new, just replace a thing or two? Yes? No?
    Regardless, you have extreme talent I would speculate envious by many yet most appreciated by all!
    You have my loyalty and support, friend. Ever hear, “Nothing ventured, nothing gained”?
    Now go kick some ACE!

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    Re: Another oldie..........

    Gosh, Steve, I wish I could help technically; but I've got
    the same problem -- a fair amount of older but worthwhile
    material, ton of work, done mostly with a Virtuoso box.

    No matter what I do with it, I've never been able to get
    it to translate well to newer software-based approaches.
    Yet doing it over from scratch would take more hours than
    I can possibly devote to it.

    I wish you good speed in finding a way -- because I sure
    do like what I'm hearing, even as is!

    Always my best,


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    Re: Another oldie..........

    I have found this to be a familiar problem.
    Write a piece.......tweak it to a library.......get a reasonable result.

    Load up the piece using a much better library.....and it somehow falls flat.
    So tweak.......tweak.......and tweak again.........still aint right.

    And yet when you start from scratch on a new piece with the new inproved libraries........it all sounds hunky-dory.

    Sorry I cant solve your problem...but I can at least confirm, you are not the only one.

    I would often have saved more time, starting again from scratch ( tortuous though that idea is ) than trying to put the round peg in the square hole.

    regards Joe

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