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Topic: Feedback?

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    Hello all. I just discovered this forum, and am happy that I did!

    I've been composing for years and years, but have only recently become more ' serious ' about it. I would appreciate some feedback, if at all possible. I am using Notion and have a web site that can be accessed here:


    With thanks,


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    Re: Feedback?

    Your website is difficult to read. There is little or no contrast between the text and the background. Have mercy on us older folks whose eyesight may not be the best. Put your text in white on the present background or in black on a light-colored backdrop.

    Also, your Contakt link doesn't seem to be working. (Or perhaps you need to explain to everyone how to use it.)

    Larry Alexander
    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: Feedback?

    Thanks... I am still fine tuning the site as it is new and not yet totally done. I think the .mp3s are all working.


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    Re: Feedback?


    All my work is also on this site--a Canadian online arts workspace...


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    Re: Feedback?

    your website is very nice, although some of the features appear not to work or link to pages where no instructions are left as to what to do (like the contact page, as Larry pointed out).

    Your musical samples (I was unable to hear the clarinet concerto sample in the Blog page) are brief and to the point. You appear to have a good grasp on a variety of styles, however, there is no sense of your take on form and development. Do you plan on having longer recordings of your works? Is your main motivation concert music? or film music?

    While appealing, your website does leave us wondering "who is this person?", with very little information to go on. (btw, when I hit a website that starts with music, I tend to either leave immediately, or hit one of the links to see if the music will stop. So your initial text should maybe also be on the "about" page).

    BTW, nice to see a fellow Canuck.

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    Re: Feedback?

    Very nice work, John!

    Welcome to the forum.

    Your work will fit perfectly here.
    Didn't' have a chance to preview all your arrangements, but I enjoyed your Orchestral Study 4!
    You're quite prolific! with a variety of styles.

    And the renderings are also very professional. What programs, samples do you use?

    Very well done.

    Looking forward to hearing more works!


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    Re: Feedback?

    Welcome John to The Garritan Personal Orchestra forum demo page. If I may ask, what library are you using? Your demos are very rewarding!

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    Re: Feedback?

    Thanks for the feedback. Sorry about the web link; the site isn't 100 % done, so I likely shouldn't have url'd it yet.

    I am using Notion exclusively and have been doing so since May of 2005. Despite some of the negative reviews on this site about Notion, I am finding it suits my needs to a T.

    I've been writing music since I was 10, but have only recently begun to write more seriously if you will. I have been quite prolific in the past year or so and have written perhaps 6 hours of orchestral and chamber music in that time.

    In response to motivation -- I am not so sure myself. I have always written music out of the simple need for creative expression but have never really pursued a career in it.

    I'm now in my early 40's and am looking at film music composition options. However, I am very comfortable in my 'other' career and realize full well that the world is littered with film music composer hopefuls. It's a tough business to be in.

    I have a B. Mus. from a Canadian university in Performance(Clarinet). I took (if I remember!) 2 university courses in composition. Other than that, I am pretty much self taught--although I still read a lot of musicology and orchestration stuff.

    I am tending these days to write more conventionally--old age I guess. However, I like the challenge of working within tonality to create music. I still produce the odd atonal piece though. Just finished this yesterday: http://www.terminus1525.ca/node/36981

    Anyway, I am glad that I stumbled across this forum. I'm impressed with the level of musicianship here. Thanks for the warm welcome!


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    Re: Feedback?


    Let me gently and respectfully remind you that this is a Garritan sample library demo forum.

    Notion may be a good product but this isn't the proper place to demonstrate it.

    Could we interest you in becoming a fellow Garritan-a-holic composer and try one of the sample libraries that we use and promote herewith?

    Best regards,

    Larry G. Alexander
    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: Feedback?

    Welcome to the forum, John!

    I took some time to listen through a number
    of your orchestral studies.

    Some excellent writing -- quite accomplished,
    and a truly able hand at orchestration.

    As a general rule, it's probably best to devote
    a single post to each work, though -- so folks
    here can focus more specifically.

    On Notion -- and other sound products: There
    is certainly no prohibition, here -- indeed, the
    explicitly stated views of Garritan are that
    the creation of music is not a competition...
    and you can and should use the tools that
    bring the music home for you the best.

    As courtesy to our host, though, it's general
    practice here to have some element of a
    Garritan product in your rendering -- GPO
    (Garritan Personal Orchestra), JABB (the
    Garritan Jazz And Big Band), the Garritan
    Stradivarius, and so on.

    I most definitely hope we hear much more
    from you, John -- what I've had time to listen to
    thus far bespeaks great promise.

    My best,


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