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Topic: Piracy Killing PC Gaming, Leading Game Designer Says

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    Piracy Killing PC Gaming, Leading Game Designer Says

    Id's Kevin Cloud Says Piracy is Killing PC Gaming

    During a QuakeCon Q&A panel, Kevin Cloud, co-owner of Id and exec producer on Enemy Territory: Quake Wars, responded to a question about PC games disappearing from retailer's shelves by saying that piracy was "killing PC games."
    "It's the primary reason retailers are moving to the console," Cloud said, continuing on to say that ways to reduce piracy are in the forefront of every PC developer's mind, and citing World of Warcraft's subscription-based nature as an example of a possible solution to the problem.

    Id CEO Todd Hollenshead went on to theorize that "about seventy percent of the landmass in the world where you can't sell games in a legitimate market, because pirates will beat you to the shelves with your own game."

    "Nobody knows," said Hollenshead, "but you may literally have more games being played illegitimately than being played legitimately." Hollenshead explained how this his the PC devs by explaining that retailers would rather give up their valuable shelf space to product that can't easily be downloaded elsewhere: namely console games."

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    Re: Piracy Killing PC Gaming, Leading Game Designer Says

    I'm unaware of how this research was produced, but Ritual, who developed Sin: Episodes, have come and said that the pirates to buyers ratio on Sin: Ep1 is 5:1!!! I don't think the PC format is exclusive in piracy, only a matter of time before someone cracks the X360 and PS3 protection, and also WoW is a big factor in the decline of retail gaming on the PC platform - when you have a dedicated subscription to a game each month, it better be something really good to take you away from it - SiN did catch my attention for a bit, and the immediacy was a nice contrast to the grind of WoW - other than that, it's just been Oblivion and Prey.

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    Re: Piracy Killing PC Gaming, Leading Game Designer Says

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    Re: Piracy Killing PC Gaming, Leading Game Designer Says


    Nice collection of links there spin.

    Looks like PC gaming is doomed!!!!!

    hehe...I jest, of course. I don't have the hard data in front of me but it seems like it's a pretty big leap to blame piracy, as you have eloquently demonstrated.

    What caught my interest in the article was the part about 70% of the land mass being inpenetrable because of pirates. What it doesn't mention, and something we see in music software too, is that consumers in NA and Europe end up paying the difference. We're shelling out 40-50 bucks for a game. The vast majority of people occupying that 70% of land would NEVER pay that much for a game.....that's probably a weeks salary for them. It just doesn't neatly equate to a 50 American dollar loss for each pirated copy. Games are entertainment and countries with high standards of living will value entertainment more and pay more for it.
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