I posted this query on the Drumcore forum but activity is slow and although the company give the impression they're listening, it's hard to really tell.

What I particularly like about Drumcore may also exist in other products, so it'd be interesting to get a more neutral perspective (or alternative biases).

I find loops are often:
1. too busy - drummers overplaying
2. are over-processed
3. don't have enough content to create a song

Drumcore attempts to score with number 2 as the mixes have no processing other than the ambience, but I've noticed that the mic arrays used for some kits are larger than others and so it's little surprise that the ambiences change a great deal. It seems that the relative mix of the overhead mics also vary.
They don't quite his bullseye with number 3 but get close.

An aspect I like about Drumcore is that they offer midi files, hits and loops of the same content. (Perhaps there are other sample based solutons that do this?)

I have requested just mixes of the overhead mics I would then have the midi files trigger the drum hits and mix to taste. I think this would be incredibly useful as you could also place the close micd drums in the same room (using convolution impulse responses) as the rest of the track. I believe this would be a way to get loops to actually gel (for once)! (I am referring here to naturalistic uses of drums with the option to process).
If the hits are presented as stereo files already, (ready panned) then it would be simply a case of transferring the two-track overheads to stereo files, a job for a teaboy (which I'd have done a few years ago)!

If I am to use loops as a basis for my recordings this is how I would like to see things evolve.
Any thoughts appreciated