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Topic: Vocal/choral

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    I was listening to this one MP3 of a choral/vocal work. And my computer froze and I lost the forum page and what not. I wanted to ask the lady or gentleman what program they used to get vocals to sing the syllables. Liek Ka Ra Doo Rat. Or whatever. And it sounded amazing. So does anyone have any idea what this might be?

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    Re: Vocal/choral

    Hi Ben,

    You might want to post over in General Discussion on
    this -- this sort of matter will get more attention,
    there. (The Listening Room focuses mostly on the
    previewing of renderings.)

    There are a number of vocal samples out there, and
    it's been a subject of much discussion along the way;
    so you might also hit the search.

    We hope, too, in the not-too-distant future that
    Garritan will be coming along with a vocal sample
    set, as well... think there was a long thread on that
    not too far back in General Discussion.

    Hope that helps!



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