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Topic: harp glissandos in cubase

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    harp glissandos in cubase

    hi all,

    i couldn't find any appropriate place to post this question, so i ended up doing it here, forgive me if i'm just too dumb and blind to see where this actually belongs :-)

    so... the question is, is there a quick and "easy" way to construct harp-glissandos in cubase? i haven't used this instrument in a lot of my compositions as of yet and am not exactly knowledgable enough to make it sound convincing in a timely manner. any hints would be, as always, greatly appreciated.

    thanks in advance,


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    Re: harp glissandos in cubase

    "i couldn't find any appropriate place to post this question"

    Have you tried here?



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    Re: harp glissandos in cubase

    very funny :-) i meant, i couldn't find the appropriate place on THIS forum here. and you know that pretty damn well

    so, back to my initial question... anybody willing and able to help me out?

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    Re: harp glissandos in cubase

    My advice is that if you want true glissandos you need a good harp library. One of the worst effects IMO is making midi glissandos.
    Don't lose time with this. Only my opinion.
    Eduardo Tarilonte |Sample Library Developer
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    Re: harp glissandos in cubase

    i was afraid somebody was gonna say this :-) any recommendations?

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    Re: harp glissandos in cubase

    Quick and dirty method:

    Do a white key gliss in the range you need and then use your transpose function to change the notes to your harp pedal settings. Or vice versa, set your Midi Transpose and then do the gliss.

    If you are using K2, you can also use scripts to make a harp gliss in a specific tuning and time frame.

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    Re: harp glissandos in cubase

    hmh... if it's not too much to ask you to elaborate a tiny little bit on th K2 method: how exactly would i go about that? unfortunately; i'm not exactly the wizard when it comes to programming synths, samplers and the like, i tend to use out-of-the-box sounds most of the time.

    thanks for your input :-)

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    Re: harp glissandos in cubase

    The scripts are presets in K2. Open the script, select your tuning and duration, hit your low note and then your high and the rest is automated for you.

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    Re: harp glissandos in cubase

    Quote Originally Posted by Lee Blaske
    Excellent results can be achieved using that method. With a little practice, you can learn to to make nice, florid glisses.

    You need to think about the mode of the gliss. For example, for a minor gliss, aeolian mode, A to A. Mixolydian, G to G, etc. Just keep in mind the theory behind what you're attempting to do as you plan out your transpostions.

    For other types of glisses with less than seven notes per octave, you first play the white key gliss, then open the MIDI up in a piano roll editor and adjust. For instance, a pentatonic gliss starting on C - play the gliss, then grab all the F's and move them up to G's, then grab the B's and move them up to C's. This should sound very realistic, because a real harp will double the notes in that manner. Whole tone or diminished scales can be assembled using the same technique.

    I usually like to make my own glisses, rather than using a library gliss. If you make them yourself using good samples, they'll fit like your composition like a glove. You can do things like start fast and end slow.

    Also, for making your own glisses, try using lighter samples rather than really loud, firm single plucks. Envision what the harpist is doing. A gliss isn't nailing each note at the top dynamic level.

    Experiment with different sample sets for this purpose. I own a lot of libraries, but I still often return to the old X-Sample harp samples. The light dynamic samples in that set work pretty well.

    Also, you might set your glisses up on a separate audio track and EQ out some of the midrange in the 500-600 hz range. Depending on the samples used, that frequency region can sometimes get out of hand and leave you with a murky sound.

    Lee Blaske
    thanks lee,

    excellent input :-) exactly the kind of stuff i was hoping for. so, in a nutshell, it's pretty much like i have been doing it already anyway (the white key aproach), seems like there's not really a shortcut of any kind :-) guess i can live with that

    what's worrying me a bit more is the thing you mentioned about harp pedal position. while i'm of course aware that harps do have pedals and what those do, i'm not too knowledgable about this stuff in detail. is there any place on the web that i might check to brush up my knowldege about harps in general? i'd hate to *beep* up a perfectly alright composition with an unnatural sounding harp gliss, just because i didn't know any better

    anyway, thanks for everything so far, you guys have been tremendouslyreally helpful (as always)



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    Re: harp glissandos in cubase

    Here's one that somebody recommended a while back.
    Harp Spectrum

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