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Topic: Another Latin-Jazz Piece (JABB)

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    Another Latin-Jazz Piece (JABB)

    Here is my new one (also writed in the 90th) but now realized with JABB. Whats Your Opinion?



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    Re: Another Latin-Jazz Piece (JABB)

    Like the percussion launching pad on this,
    works great, Locis... and the darkly colored
    intrada leading into the somewhat quizzical
    expression on the face of the center.

    Hope Joe Cavanagh is around somewhere;
    He'll love the writing in this, too, I think.

    Fine job on this!


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    Re: Another Latin-Jazz Piece (JABB)

    Very nice percussion on this piece, Nice rhumba clavé Cuban style. I liked the Conga break at 2.36 especially.
    Interesting dark harmonies throughout.

    It sounds like you are well on your way with Jabb.

    regards Joe

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    Re: Another Latin-Jazz Piece (JABB)


    Really great piece, nice Cuban style, and classy brass. This is a great example of using the JABB!!!



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    Re: Another Latin-Jazz Piece (JABB)

    Thankyou all for your comments,

    I am very relieved that it pleases you. I was listening for this kind of music a lot in the 90th. Now I turned to more classical style. But an old love never dies... There are a number of pieces which I never ended, because of the lack of possibility to make it sound really good. Maybe now I finish some of the old pieces...


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