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Topic: K2 and slow loading

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    K2 and slow loading

    I just applied the update for Kontakt2 (the version that came out in May or June, version 211).

    My multies take a much longer time to load. Before the upgrade, my multies would start loading immediately, but now, after upgrading, nothing happens for about 20 or 30 seconds. Then loading begins.

    Is there a setting or a memory swap function that I need to adjust? Any tweaks for this?



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    Re: K2 and slow loading

    I rebuilt the database and this shortened the load time significantly.

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    Question Re: K2 and slow loading

    Did You use a full rebuild ???

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    Re: K2 and slow loading

    Yes. I rebuilt the entire database.

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    Re: K2 and slow loading

    Mac or PC?

    I briefly had a really weird problem like this on my Mac, and I ended up using OnyX to clear all my app caches and it totally eradicated the problem. I'm not sure what the PC equivalent is, but if you're on a Mac, you might try downloading OnyX (it's free) and doing a thorough cleanse of your computer.

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    Re: K2 and slow loading

    This is on a PC. I use K2 in standalone mode.

    P4, 2.8 gHz, D865GBF Intel board, 7200 rpm Seagate Barracudas (x3), 2 gigs of RAM, Echo Gina24.

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    Re: K2 and slow loading

    Judging from the sound of my sample HD, some searching is carried out before the load window pops up. This searching can last 20 sec. for large instruments.

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