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Topic: MQ {In Search of a title}

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    MQ {In Search of a title}

    {In Search of a title}

    This is an idea I had for Horns and low brass.

    This piece is still untitled, and is in search of a title and a direction. I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas for a title. I would also like to hear about any suggestions on improving the mix. This is still very much a work in progress and there are many rough spots.

    Thank you for taking time to listen.

    Ed Sharpe

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    Re: MQ {In Search of a title}


    Maybe I should not have reread the Lord of the Rings recently, but it brings to mind Dwarves hammering away on some metal. So my thinking for the title... The Heat of the Forge.

    Like I said, to much LOTR lately! LOL

    Once you get this neatened up, I think it will be very cool. Of course, a while back I had a lot of fun getting people here to name one of my pieces. My conclusion was to give it a bland name so that the listener drew what they wanted from the piece. After all, look at the craziness I came up with!! I'm sure that tht was the farthest thing from your mind while you were writing. LOL Names are funny, they guide our expectations of the meaning of a piece.

    I am babbling... good work so far. I hope to hear more soon!

    Prowland the posting Ninja

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    Re: MQ {In Search of a title}

    I'm no good at titling things, either, Ed... lol;
    can't help you there.

    Like the real low, growly brass work in this and
    the open spaces the overall sound invokes in the
    mind. The periodic ostinato of the bass line
    works nicely to hold pace and unity on line, too.

    Overall, this sounds introductory, to me... an
    expectancy throughout... a feel that it wants
    to take off like a rocket, but its being purposely


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    Re: MQ {In Search of a title}


    Wow...really cool low brass work. Love the low bass line, growling away underneith the theme voices. Plus the great percussion and timpani work accenting and sustaining the whole thing.

    Title...hmmmm always a tough one. I usually come up with mine during the writing if not before if I know the theme that I am attempting to portray. I think of this work as a processional or march. Good luck on the finishing process.



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    Re: MQ {In Search of a title}


    Nice writing. I especially like the percussion parts; I know it's for low brass and horns but the percussion certainly drive them along.

    I have a couple of titles that come to mind:
    1) In Fear of Battle
    2) The Coming Storm

    It really has the feel of searching or of something approaching. How about:

    The Approaching Darkness

    Just my random and not always connected thoughts.


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    Re: MQ {In Search of a title}

    Thank you all for taking time to listen and comment.

    While originally it was simply a little idea for horns, tuba and timpani it grew on its own. And I agree it seems to want to be a introduction or the beginning of something. At this point I think I will let have its “head” let it go where it will. Thank you all again.


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    Re: MQ {In Search of a title}

    Excellent work on this. It carried me throughout. As for a title, it conjured visions of Roman Legions on the march. Something like Titus Returns or Revenge of Claudius.
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    Re: MQ {In Search of a title}

    Feels contemplative and retrospective. The past helping the present... The only word, since I like single word titles, that came to mind was "Halls".
    Great piece... hope you expand on it soon...

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