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Topic: March of the Candy Canes

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    March of the Candy Canes

    Here is a new piece I just finished called:

    March of the Candy Canes

    I had fun putting it together. I was all done with Finale 2006 (waiting on 2007). Let me know what you all think. My brother says it sounds more like desert camels (maybe they are playing the euphonium part?)


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    Re: March of the Candy Canes


    It started out so serious sounding. I thought, for sure, that these were Eeeeevil Candycanes up to no good. Then about one-third of the way through, the music got more playful. What a wacky roller-coaster ride!!
    My one real complaint would be that the ending seemed like it could use a beat more pop... not louder,just more clarity and oomph. Of course, that could be my speakers! Wait and see if anyone else thinks the same thing. Knowing how well you write... it is probably just my speakers!

    Good job,


    Prowland the posting Ninja

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    Re: March of the Candy Canes

    No, actually, I wanted it to disappear like a candy cane does, aw, it's all gone - kind of a whimper.

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    Re: March of the Candy Canes

    Yeah! Candy canes with a vengeance, man... lol.
    Love it! The opening really cooks, and then it
    escapes into this wonderful percussion-driven

    The ending part Paul was talking about, too --
    I really like. Could I suggest perhaps a fairly
    obvious, steep ritardando as you roll into it?

    I believe that would give more the, er, flavor you
    want -- of fading off and vanishing.

    Great job on this!



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    Re: March of the Candy Canes


    Hmmm ninja candy canes with an attitude, orrrrr....ok....maybe far eastern then Cleverly done, nice rendering and an interesting ending as you have described to us, awwwww all gone.



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    Re: March of the Candy Canes

    David - I will try that ritard and see how it sounds - Good Idea

    Gary - All candy canes have attitudes, when you lick them, they stick to you like glue.

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    Re: March of the Candy Canes

    As a diabatic, I would like to hear the sugar free version.

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