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Topic: k2 and logic issues?

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    k2 and logic issues?

    Hi. I just upgraded to logic 7.2 and now I'm getting the message "The patch could not be loaded (unknown error) with certain sample instruments. This was not an issue with logic 7.1 and the samples in question worked fine before. Is there something in the new Logic 7.2.1 that doesn't jive with kontakt 2.1.1? For the record, the sample instruments that don't work are VSL (giga converted to K2). Specifically, articulations like "flatter" and "Gliss" won't load. These are not performance instruments, they're just straight ahead single group samples so I'm really puzzled why they don't work. Anyone ever hear of this?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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    Re: k2 and logic issues?

    I'm very puzzled by this. Why don't you try reinstalling Kontakt -- install it off your CD (probably 2.0) then run the 2.11 updater again, and see if that fixes it?

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    Re: k2 and logic issues?

    One other thought: try running the standalone app version of K2 and see what that does...

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    Re: k2 and logic issues?

    Thanks David. I'll try those out. Hopefully I won't be screwing up my registration by re-installing.

    I find it weird that such a simple sample like a flatter (not even keyswitching involved) causes grief but the significantly more complicated performance patches load fine.


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    Re: k2 and logic issues?

    Duh.. I rebuild the database and fixed it. Not sure why this didn't occur to me earlier. Sorry to waste anyones time in reading this... Thanks again David.


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