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Topic: For your eyes... (a love song?)

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    For your eyes... (a love song?)

    it's been a long time since my last piece posted on this forum. (but i always read!)
    in this days i like a girl. i didnt felt in love, but i like her. but i'm also more that sure that she don't even notice me (it's always been the same in my life!)
    nodbody, until now, know this...

    yesterday evening i was just playing on my keyboard. it came to me to think about her eyes, and a little and simple theme began flowing on.
    in just a evening and a morning, i managed to arrange this piece, which probabily she will never listen to...
    now, i'm happy and sad at the same moment.
    sad, because of this story.
    but happy because, after a lot of time, i succeded in puttin into music some of my deepest feelings, and it's rare for me...
    althought i'm not a composer, neither a pianist (most of the piano part was corrected in the piano roll after playing), and even if this music is very simple, i like it a lot, and i think that this piece will remain in myself for a long time...

    probabily i will modify the piece in the following days, but i just wanted to share this song... ;-)


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    Re: For your eyes... (a love song?)

    Hi Bosone. It sure sounds to me like you are a composer. I agree that the piece certainly has flow. I like the mood that you've created. Nice chord progressions as well. Some of them remind me of Chopin. I enjoyed listening!


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    Re: For your eyes... (a love song?)

    Quite lovely, flowing and well-sustained. (If she ever gets to hear this, your problems are over! But then maybe you'd stop writing such haunting melodies...) You might try section violins in addition to the solo sound, for added fullness in places. Great work!

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    Re: For your eyes... (a love song?)

    Bosone, you most certainly *are* a composer:
    this is a very beautiful, very moving piece that
    you have written... clearly straight from the
    heart; and compositionally, quite well done. The
    melodic work in this is lovely, and the clarity and
    simplicity of the writing is a lesson for all of us...
    to remember that sometimes the simplest things
    in both life and music are the most stunningly

    Thank you for this fine piece, Bosone; it was with
    much pleasure and appreciation that I listened.

    My best,


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    Re: For your eyes... (a love song?)


    Very lovely piece, very expressive and a fine way to share your impression of this lucky lady. She must have very special eyes!



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