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Topic: Altiverb 5 buggy on Windows?

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    Altiverb 5 buggy on Windows?

    Anyone have any probs with Altiverb hanging? Maybe it doesn't like GigaStudio3. I load it into Giga in the DSP inputs as a VST.. and sometimes when I load it into an input, it freezes GigaStudio and I have to close down the app. Then after I close things down and reload them, Altiverb refuses to work. It doesn't see an input coming in, and I have to reboot. And sometimes in the middle of playing something back, Altiverb just stops processing input, even though there's still audio being sent into Giga's DSP.

    Any ideas why it's being quirky? Is it Altiverb acting up, or Giga's 3rd party VST support?
    Sam Hulick

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    Re: Altiverb 5 buggy on Windows?

    I've had no problems with AV at all, and I haven't even bothered to load the various updates. However when I use GS3 (hardly ever these days) I don't let anything else go near these PCs and so have had no problems. I don't know your setup, but have you tried loading AV into something like Chainer? this fantastic app "plays well" with GS and can facilitate loading most incompatible VSTs.


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