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Topic: Suite from "Edison": seperate thread

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    Suite from "Edison": seperate thread

    Sorry to post this so soon after my last topic, but i wanted to get some in depth reviews on this piece. Be as harsh as you need to be.


    FYI, in case you didn't read the other thread, this piece is a compilation of the soundtrack I wrote for a short amatuer film called Edison. It focused on his invention of the lightbulb, and hopefully you can visualize that as you listen.

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    Re: Suite from "Edison": seperate thread


    Good writing in this, overall, and dramatically
    very fitting for the subject matter -- there are
    some really nice strokes in this.

    I would perhaps suggest giving much more
    consideration to tempi in this. I realize that
    this may have been tinkered with in terms
    of tempi to fit against the timeline of the film
    material you mentioned.

    To my ear, though... you've got some lovely,
    graceful lines in this that would be far, far
    more effective if the tempi were pulled back
    to let them take more breadth and space.



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    Re: Suite from "Edison": seperate thread

    Hi, you definitely have a talent for the dramatic. However, may I suggest more use of chromaticism. This is a very well constructed piece. The themes and melodies are very strong.

    I don't use GPO, i use GOS, but you may want to sharply articulate your string movements; for clarity. Maybe the use of marcato followed by sustains. Your brass writing is superb especially in the middle of the piece at the crescendo.

    If you have any more questions just let us know. Would like to help and hear more from you.

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    Smile Re: Suite from "Edison": seperate thread


    nice theme you got there.

    I hear you love horns. But I would either try to save those until the last appearance of the theme or make the horn parts more interesting by giving them something other to do than just play the chords.

    Keep it going!

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    Re: Suite from "Edison": seperate thread

    Hi Joseph. I loved the intro. I liked the chord progressions in this piece. I too think the melody is a strong one. I liked how you did something different on the recap., with the brasses. I do feel your articulations are very similar throughout. Some contrast there would be a possible idea. Some punchier articulations in places may help? I thought this was catchy and effective.


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    Re: Suite from "Edison": seperate thread

    Thank you all for your comments. They are very helpful. In regards to your comments on articulation, I'm am somewhat limited since I only have the Finale version of GPO. All I have is Arco strings, no marcato or short bow or anything, so it's really hard to get the sound I want out of them. Which parts in particular could have used better articualtion, or is it just the whole thing in general? My string writing is not what I would want it to be. If you saw the score, you would realize how horrendous it is. It's not as bad on this one, but most of the time I just do full strings and throw all the string parts into two staves.

    Also, someone said something about Chromaticism. I'm not sure I understand exactly what you mean by that. Could you clarify? Sorry, I'm not up on my terminology.

    Thanks again,


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