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Topic: Blue screen of Death

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    Exclamation Blue screen of Death

    I am having a bit of trouble with GigaStudio ensemble. I have an the following system setup:

    1. Computer
    • a. Pentium 4, 3.2 GHz
      b. 1 GB RAM
      c. ATI RADEON X300/550
      d. Echo MiaMIDI

    with GigaStudio Ensemble and GigaPulse Pro. Whenever I load GigaStudio, I get a blue screen of death, with says that the driver_IRQL_Less_Than_Equal. What does this mean and how can I fix it so I can run GigaStudio??

    I bought GigaStudio Ensemble and then GigaPulse pro after.


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    Re: Blue screen of Death

    Have you installed the most current version of GS3?

    Version 3.12 is available for download at

    — alanb




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    Re: Blue screen of Death

    Quote Originally Posted by alanb
    Have you installed the most current version of GS3?

    Version 3.12 is available for download at

    just tried that, but got the same blue screen of death

    Thank you for your advice though

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    Re: Blue screen of Death

    You may have an IRQ conflict with your soundcard conflicting with other hardware...or another problem
    to check this go to : Control panel >performance and maint.>system>hardware>device manager> look to see if you have any yellow exclamation marks indicating a problem

    I would also do routine system maintence 1.disk cleanup(programs>accessories>system tools) 2. analyze your hard drive to see if you need to defrag it(system defrgmentation-same place system tools)

    If possible restart in windows safe mode and go to system restore to go back to when the system was operating correctly

    Are you using the latestest bios available for your computer?(this was what caused all the windows sp1 problems--most people needed updated bios)

    Is your memory correctly seated in its slot in the motherboard?
    Is your memory the correct type for your machine?
    Is your fan working on your cpu?

    also go to the dos prompt and type chkdsk/f (this will check your disk for lost and mis indexed files and windows will fix them automatically the next time you restart.

    Do you have all the latest drivers for you soundcard and other hardware? might be a good idea to up date these.

    remember that windows xp itself takes roughly 375 mb of memory just to run your computer without gigastudio

    Is your hard drive making noise..any rumbling or chattering?
    run antispyware--the free stuff is pretty good--lavasoft.com
    update and run antivirus
    do you have any diagnostic software to check your machine?
    download a free registry diagnostic program (demo) to see if the registry is corrupted--- pctools.com...check your local library to see if they have a copy of microsoft press's book Windows xp inside out (ed bott ..author) lots of problem solving stuff is in it..

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    Re: Blue screen of Death

    I would also reccomend going to microsoft.com and downloading all the updates for your machine..I would also do this at the computer manufactures site as well..It helps a lot if you have a high speed internet connection..you might consider taking your machine to a friends house with a fast connection

    you are getting s "stop message " sent to your operating system below the irq is less than there should be some message reguaring the problem..write these down

    also take a look at the control panel's administrative tools to see if it spots the problem for you

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    Re: Blue screen of Death

    Quote Originally Posted by zhangpengliang
    just tried that, but got the same blue screen of death

    Thank you for your advice though
    Okay -- previous versions of Giga did the bluescreen thing on dual-core processors...

    I think that there's also an update for the standalone version of GigaPulse on the same TASCAM web page. Get that up to date as well, if appropriate...

    An IRQ conflict would have been my next suggestion, so you should definitely check into your Windows Device Manager...

    You should also launch the Giga Configuration Manager (don't launch Giga... just the Configuration Manager)... and set its startup options so that it does not launch the QuickSound database when Giga first opens.

    You should also look within the Giga Configuration Manager to confirm the path to the standalone GigaPulse files. Make sure that your .fxb files (I think that's what you should be looking for) are where they are supposed to be.

    You should also also look within the Giga Configuration Manager to confirm the path to your VST plug-ins... sometimes Giga doesn't like one of the VST plug-ins on your machine, with unpleasant consequences... I think that you can also disable VST plug-ins from within the Giga Configuration Manager. You should do that -- at least until you are up and running...
    — alanb




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    Re: Blue screen of Death


    Have you checked out (and implemented) the "tuning tips" listed at both




    ? ? ?
    — alanb




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    Re: Blue screen of Death

    This is an interesting thread for me because i have had the same problem on 3 of my 5 Giga PC's, and haven't yet figured out what causes it. They are all Dell servers (PowerEdge 400SC and SC420). The BSODs appear seemingly at random, meaning that I haven't found steps to consistently reproduce them yet. I've always suspected either GigaStudio 3.12 or MidiOverLAN CP Platinum, but can't be sure. It's a little tricky to unsinstall those, because I use those computers exclusively for music and haven't found the time to uninstall and see if the problem persists. I know I don't have any viruses or spyware, and as far as I know there are no IRQ conflicts on those computers.

    What's interesting is that although the error message varies, the most frequent by far are the "IRQL_Less_Than_Equal" one, as well as "Page_Fault_In_Nonpaged_Area". Those two appear pretty often. Any clue what they mean?

    I've recently started to write down the complex hex error messages. I was going to wait until I had a larger sample, but since this thread has come up, I'll write them here and maybe some technically inclined user can have some idea of what's causing the problem.

    STOP: 0X00000050 (0XFFFF72DC, 0X00000000, 0X80573D08, 0X00000000)

    and the other one:

    STOP: 0X0000007E (0XC0000005, 0X804EC5B3, 0XF7A02C2C, 0XF7A02928)

    Sure would be nice to figure this out...

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    Re: Blue screen of Death

    disabling "file monitoring" in GS, helped me a bit with the blue screens,.. dont know if you've tried that ? also, I found that GS need to be the last app I installed on the machine.

    i.e I had GS running ok for a while,... then installed recycle,.. started getting blue screens again.
    uninstalled GS, and put it back on,.. last,.. its ok now,


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    Re: Blue screen of Death

    Page fault in non paged area: A hardware driver or system service requested data that was not in memory, causing an exception error. The cause may be defective memory or incompatabile software, especially remote control and antivirus software.
    What other software are you trying to run on a server? Microsoft SQL server software? Oracle database? rember that the other software on you machine consumes resources....Do you have an adequate amount of memory? Do you have a hard drive that has a seek time of 8.9 milliseconds or faster?
    Cakewalk has a memory leak patch that they got from microsoft that addresses parent-child window memory leaks--you can find it on support ..Windows xp sp2 hotfix is the title of the download at cakewalk..you can also download it from microsoft. You might also look for a memory management software program.
    Memory leaks:.
    Go to task manager>right click on lower windows bar (to the rt of start button..open task manager..look in performance menu> physical memory>availible physical memory> write down this amount..close application(s) ..see if memory is reduced when a program or service is stopped>if it is stopped memory avaible should increase..if not you have a memory leak in a piece of software....
    Also its important to update all of the software on your machine..in particular hardware drivers and windows xp itself..Go to device manager in control panel look for yellow exclamation marks ..also go to Control panel.perfmance and maint>administrative tools>event viewer>look for application errors and warnings also take a look at some of the other tools to see if they identify the error

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