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Topic: MIDI GM Bank needed :(

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    MIDI GM Bank needed :(

    hey guys
    anyone know what's the cheapest or easiest way to get a GM bank that i can use with my MAUDIO card? it doesn't have any built in sounds so i'm having t use the MICROSOFT GM MAPPER... and the latency is killing me... basically i have to produce some MIDI songs, and whilst working in the project i really need a better instrument... anyone know of any soundfonts, vsts, or anything i can get easily?

    thanks in advance!

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    Re: MIDI GM Bank needed :(

    You could use SFZ (http://www.rgcaudio.com/sfz.htm) and load up a soundfont from Hammersound.net, free solution and it'll work as a VST.
    Wilbert Roget, II

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    Re: MIDI GM Bank needed :(

    Check pgmusic.com
    They have a virtual sound canvas (VSC88) Nice sounds :-)


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