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Topic: Need some opinions - Neverland Adventure Sketch

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    Need some opinions - Neverland Adventure Sketch

    Okay, so I'm not really sure about this one. I started composing and it just doesn't quite sit well with me. Possibly because it's not finished, but also I'm just not sure about it.

    The title is Neverland Adventure. Basically because I couldn't think of anything else, plus I loved the book as a kid. The title seems a bit too generic for me, so it may change in the near future. The book always seemed a bit darker than what the cartoons and movies playout. So this is my version.

    Would love to hear some opinions as to how you think the transition and the dissonance works. What follows the section you'll hear, and what hasn't been written, is a sweet little flutey something.

    Any takers?


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    Re: Need some opinions - Neverland Adventure Sketch

    Great orchestration, it really sounds like flying music. The transition works very well for me, it sounds very natural. Dissonance? I didn't notice any ugly dissonance, so it must've worked as well. Please continue, I look forward to more! The fantasy of Neverland certainly evokes wonderful music.
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    Re: Need some opinions - Neverland Adventure Sketch

    I agree with Sean this works well and is fine orestration. The dissonance seems quite natural to me. Those strings sounding just a touch Wagnerian...

    I think the fade out after the crec works a little better than the move into it. It seems to slip gently into consonance at the end really smoothly, I like that. The overall effect it really good.

    Nice work


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    Re: Need some opinions - Neverland Adventure Sketch

    Wow! You have a nice touch, young man! Really good sound. You know your orchestration.

    What you call your "dissonance" seems quite appropriate to my ears and fits very well.

    Keep up the fine work and thanks for sharing your work with us.

    My best,

    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: Need some opinions - Neverland Adventure Sketch

    I agree with all of the above. Nice start and it really sets the mood of flying. If I may be so bold as to suggest that the upper background line in the flutes (I think that's the part I hear it in) wher I believe you have descendind 2 sixteenths to an eight note sounds a bit repetitive and choppy for my taste. You might want to make it more rolling with a pick up or two to the descending line and add a bit more crescendo-decrescendo to it to give ebbing to the line (as if passing through clouds).

    It's a suggestion, everything sounds great as it is. Now please finish it, my ears want more.


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    Re: Need some opinions - Neverland Adventure Sketch

    This has a great beginning. It seems to me that the crescendo
    is too long and the tympani plays too long & loud.
    I would have an image of the opening activity dying down to a very soft background as longer, calmer melodies in cello, viola, bassoon & horn come to the fore.

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    Re: Need some opinions - Neverland Adventure Sketch

    Very nice piece, it certainly provides the feeling of an adventure, fantasy and what ever else goes along with it. I would be interested in hearing what follows to know how it all fits together.



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    Re: Need some opinions - Neverland Adventure Sketch

    I really like this. It sounds great! I like the orchestration of the first part, with the high strings and French horns. As everyone said, it really gives you the feeling of flight. I don't think anything should be changed about the crescendo. IMO you built up just enough and came back down perfectly. Any dissonance didn't sound out of place at all. Good job, and please finish it, I want to hear more!


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    Re: Need some opinions - Neverland Adventure Sketch

    Dissonance? What dissonance? There's no dissonance
    in the piece that I could hear (remember who's talking... lol).

    Seriously, strong writing, and great orchestration on it;
    you've captured many of the techniques of the best
    cinematic writers in this.

    Take it forward! You've set yourself up with a thematic
    goldmine and a flying good start on this, Joseph.



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    Re: Need some opinions - Neverland Adventure Sketch

    Hey, thanks guys for all your kind words and very helpful critiques. It's always nice to know there is help when I need it. Sorry it took me so long to respond. I've been soliciting theaters for future work. Phew, what a struggle.

    As far as the dissonance...most of it doesn't really register because things are moving so quickly, but it's definately there when you look at the score. But good to know it doesn't take away from what I was trying to do. I haven't had a chance to work on it just yet, but I'll keep you posted if I make any substantial moves on it.

    Thanks again.



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