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Topic: Best place to post

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    Best place to post

    I'm finishing up my first GPO compostion that I would like to post. Probably be ready in a week or two, time permitting. Where's the best place to post these things?

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    Re: Best place to post


    Depends on what you mean by "post". If you mean a site to host your mp3, then I would suggest www.soundclick.com or www.esnips.com . If you mean where in the forum to post your piece, then I would say, "Right here in the Listening room... nicest critics on the planet!!!!"

    Either way, welcome to Garritania!

    Prowland the posting Ninja

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    Re: Best place to post

    Just to round out the picture -- in addition to service
    sites that will host your files:

    If you have a website or your ISP provides webspace (most
    do), obviously you may also upload your file there -- and
    then simply provide a link to the file in your forum post.



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