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Topic: Finale GPO + EWQLSO

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    Finale GPO + EWQLSO


    I need to get some advice. I use the Finale version of GPO, and it just doesn't have enough articulation to meet the needs of my music, and I was thinking about getting EWQLSO to use along with GPO. I guess my question is, does this work? Do they sound good together? Also, do you think this is a good idea? I really like the bombastic capabilities of EWQL, and I think I could really use it. I'd appreciate your input on this.

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    Re: Finale GPO + EWQLSO

    I use them together all of the time.

    p.s. - if you need examples pull up my profile. The best examples would be Desert Storm (after :52) and Strength of Heart (after 1:55).

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    Re: Finale GPO + EWQLSO

    I use them together as well, and have for some time. Sometimes I use a convolution reverb setting with "dry" GPO samples when I need to fit an instrument into the same sonic space as the EW. In my case, EWQLSO Gold and Gold XP has fixed mic placement.


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    Re: Finale GPO + EWQLSO

    I guess that's all I needed to know! BTW, thank you, Steph for the examples. I especially liked the second one. Your use of the different samples was perfect. Most of the time I could tell which was which, but they blended well. Thanks again,


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    Re: Finale GPO + EWQLSO

    Hi again,
    I'm glad that I was able to help.

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