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Topic: Just Kickin' It

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    Just Kickin' It

    Just Kickin' It: A collaboration between Little Red King and Aeterno Flamma.

    Most of the tracks are JABB (Piano, Bass, Percussion). There's a string-synth and 2 live electric guitar tracks as well.

    Give it a listen if you've got some time to waste .

    Comments page for Just Kickin' It - http://littleredking.dmusic.com/music/comments/327970

    Site where I post my music - http://littleredking.dmusic.com/
    Best regards,

    Little Red King

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    Re: Just Kickin' It

    Great job on this Little Red King... enjoyed listening.
    Reminds me of a whole lotta sessions (er, this would
    be a while ago... lol) jamming in the clubs, way
    back in the day. Nice improvisational feel to it, good
    smoke in the air, man...


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