I've done a few searches here and on the web, but I'm still unclear about how "much" sound card I need for some Vienna VI slave machines I'm building.

I'll be building 3 machines, which (for other reasons) I'd like to be running windows xp64 (and vista when it arrives). I'd like to have at least 2 i/o of ADAT lightpipe for each machine's card. Since the only thing I need to do is get the VI audio out from these slaves, I don't need a lot of fancy ins/outs.

So between the hammerfalls, would I be fine with the RME Hammerfall 9636 (less expensive) or better off with the 9652? But I've not seen any 64bit drivers for the RMEs. Are they coming? Does Vienna VI run in 64? (I'm wanting to use windows xp64 because these machines will also double as rendering machines for 3ds max 9 which is 64 bit.)

Or is there another audiocard solution which has comparable quality. Frontier Design? Less expensive is always good if the quality/stability is there. Again, the I/O needs are relatively simple.

Thanks if you can help.

Mahlon Bouldin