As of August the 16th dfh EZdrummer version 1.0.2 supports RTAS for Pro Tools 7 and above, M-Powered, LE and TDM/HD - PC and Mac. EZdrummer 1.0.2 is available as a free download for all registered and registering users.

dfh EZdrummer is a multi-microphone drumsampler designed for musicians and producers in need of a compact, affordable, easy to handle plug-in without compromising sound quality or control. The visualized drums in the interface combines auditioning of sounds and drumkit construction. The extensive drag and drop midi-library (featuring 8000+ midifiles) enables users to create a great drumtrack in just a few clicks. For more advanced handling, users can control microphone bleeding and levels between drums using the internal mixer. The mixer also allows stereo and multitrack routing into the host through one single plug-in. Combining easy and advanced handling and low system requirements, dfh EZdrummer is an entry level product as well as suited for the pro who needs to achieve high end results in minutes. Pricing US 179 USD, Europe 149 EUR.

EZX, expansion packs for EZdrummer, Vintage Rock, Latin Percussion and Drumkit From Hell, all featuring the unique EZdrummer flexible graphics concept, will be available from the end of september at 89 USD each.

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We would like to thank all our Beta team for their fantastic work and our customers and distributors for their support.

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The press on EZdrummer so far,

"...does for drum sampling what Stradivarius did for bowed instruments.”

Computer Music, july 2006, Performance Award and Value for money Award.

”Given its low cost, great sounds, and ease of use, I can´t see how EZ Drummer can fail to do well. There are no obvious alternatives for EZ Drummer..."
SoundOnSound july 2006

"The interface is one of the best we´ve seen and there is no learning curve worth mentioning. Just open the plug-in and start working...

Ezdrummer will be a huge hit - anything else seems unreasonable. Toontrack has succeeded in balancing size, resource use and soundquality in an excellent way. Ezdrummer sounds great, is easy to use and won´t waste your computers resources.

There aren´t really any disadvantages and you can be sure that many of the demos you´ll hear over the next few years will have the same drummer. Too bad since the Editorial staff would rather have kept it as a private secret weapon for producing great drumtracks.”

Studio Magazine, May 2006, Studio recommends award and 10/10