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Topic: Who's good at Sonar?

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    Who's good at Sonar?

    I am just starting to use and figure out Sonar, and I can't export a piece to MP3 or WAV file. According to the instructional manual I just go to File-Export-Audio. When I do "Audio" is grayed and can't select it. Any ideas?
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    Re: Who's good at Sonar?

    I think you have to "select" the track you want bounced to wave (you cannot bounce directly to mp3 past the demo period unless you pick up a separate pieces of software).

    You can only bounce down an audio track.

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    Re: Who's good at Sonar?

    There's a very active SONAR forum at www.cakewalk.com.



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    Re: Who's good at Sonar?

    Select every track that you want to export (including all the MIDI AND Audio tracks even though they are empty) and make sure the entire piece is highlighted. THEN do the export thingy. Hope that helps.

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    Re: Who's good at Sonar?

    Like stated above,

    CTRL-A or select all (assuming you want all the tracks mixed down).

    Make sure all mutes are on or off to your preference - same with solo

    Go to FILE -> EXPORT -> AUDIO

    Choose the type of file (best to use either a RIFF wave or broadcast wav format). Choose the bit rate (32, 24 or 16) and name it and then press the OK button (or whatever the DO IT button says - I forget right now).

    Now, to get it to a mp3 or 16 bit (assuming you saved it as 32 or 24 bit)

    Use a program like Sound Forge or Audition (or the free Audacity) and bit rate down to 16 bit (CD quality) and then save as wav, mp3 (requires extra codecs for audicity) or OGG (like mp3 and FREE).

    I left out all mastering possibilities, effects, etc. I just explained how to MIXDOWN and save the result. Look that up in your manual you got when you bought Sonar - it should explain all of this CLEARLY (you DO have the manual, don't you).

    That should do it.


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    Re: Who's good at Sonar?

    The advice above looks good. I second the Sonar Forum recommendation -- it's GREAT. http://forum.cakewalk.com/tt.asp?forumid=5

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