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Topic: Passacaglia

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    After my journey into the land of Jazz I'm back now with some classical stuff. Orchestral variations over a little chord-progression. Enjoy and criticize.



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    Re: Passacaglia

    I liked the sonorities in the opening and enjoyed the chord progressions. Have you thought about taking the tempo up a titch? How low is that Oboe at 4:37? Have you considered making the woodwinds (especially) a little bit more articulated? I enjoyed what you did above the bass line. Thanks for sharing.


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    Re: Passacaglia


    The strings at 03:19 are screechy.

    I like your tune. Your string writing is very good and your major mode ending was excellent.

    Sehr gut! Ich mag es.

    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: Passacaglia

    Wonderful work!

    A terrific arrangement for strings.

    Despite it's length, you maintained interest throughout.

    Very well done!


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    Re: Passacaglia

    I'll let the other guys debate the technicals (though I
    found this very well rendered, for the most part).

    The writing is... just gorgeous, Locis. This is one of
    those pieces that reaches in, grabs you by the soul,
    and brings both peace and solace.

    The one area in which I might suggest some further thought
    is the ending, which might benefit from less strength and
    more grace.


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    Re: Passacaglia

    Great work on this piece. It followed the main rule of the Passacaglia, the theme is ALWAYS maintained. And a lovely theme that it is. Great string writing and careful rendering.BRAVO!Garywww.garybricault.com

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    Re: Passacaglia

    Thank you all for listening.

    Soulima, maybe the piece could profit from a softer tempo treatment. Some parts up in tempo and some down. And to do more articulations at the woodwinds is also a good idea.

    Larry, Danke! Your compliments honours me (but, excuse me, what means screechy? Is it good or bad? - I can't find that word in the translator...)

    jsp2, thanks, I'm glad, you like this piece.

    etLux, you're right with your consideration. The ending is a bit fast after the little fugue. I still have to work on this part.

    Thankyou, Gary. Your words are really pleasant to me!

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