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Topic: Sample Logic - A.I.R.

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    Sample Logic - A.I.R.

    Hello Northern Soundians,
    Just wanted to let you guys know our product 'Ambience Impacts Rhythms' is now available at:
    This new library is an impressive collection of elements that has taken over two years of collecting and crafting "only the finest sounds for cutting edge compositions ". It's focussed on blending three essential building blocks into one library: Ambience, Impacts, and Rhythms.
    Powered by Native Instruments Kontakt 2 player it is available for Mac and PC in AU, DXI, RTAS, VST and standalone configurations. The two DVD set contains over 6GB of instruments categorized by genre, timbre and the mood they evoke. The software is designed to help you find the sound you are looking for without having to funnel through thousands of preset to find the sound you want.

    0. Over 300 Ambient Instruments

    0. 100 Impact Instruments & Kits

    0. Tons of Killer Combination Platters that Combine Several
    Ambiences with Impacts and Rhythms

    0. 300 Tempo Adjustable Rhythms

    A.I.R. covers all the bases, from sci-fi, piercing, distorted tensions, and chilling action sounds to light, sacred, and spiritual atmospheres. This library truly is "The All-In-One Composer's Toolkit!"

    MSRP: $299.00
    Please feel free to visit our website at
    let me know if you guys have any questions
    best regards,
    Joe Trupiano
    Sample Logic LLC

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    I had the pleasure of beta-testing this VI, and it has already become an indispensable part of my collection. It has all of the elements one needs to create a cutting-edge soundtrack. I've had the library for a little more than 2 months, and it has already gotten me 2 decent gigs.

    Nearly every sound in this huge collection inspires me in a really musical way...

    ...and the library especially comes in handy when I need to have the track done yesterday. Since everything is separated by Ambience Impacts and Rhythms, I don't need to waste tons of time searching through the whole library.

    Go to the site and listen to those demos!! Also make sure to check out the kind of sounds you'll have access to: Joe recorded some of NYC's premiere musicians playing extended technique stuff that I've not heard elsewhere....

    OK. Enough blabbering for tonight, time to catch some Z's.


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    Re: Sample Logic - A.I.R.

    Wow, those demos sound great! I have a couple questions. I am mainly looking for sounds that fall into the "light, sacred, and spiritual atmospheres" as you put it. Looking at the categories, it seems that these types of sounds are significantly less than the other sounds, or is that not the case? I also really like what sounds like a female choir patch that is on the spiritual gravity demo song, is that what that is? Are there any other vocalish sounds in the library? Great work, I'm saving up!

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    Re: Sample Logic - A.I.R.

    hello Thunder,
    Wow, those demos sound great!
    As far as the light and sacred ambiences, there are 2 main sections for this, Sacred Spirits, and Blissful. However, ther are many other sounds that fit in this category in the stingers, instrumental, and swirling spectrum sections.
    Speaking of instrumental yes the vocals you hear in the demo tracks are in the isntrumental > vocals section. Other instruments in the instrumental
    are brass, flute guitars and piano

    best regards,
    Joe Trupiano
    Sample Logic LLC

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