Intakt Rant ahead:

If I seem inflamatory it's only to generate a response.

After a few months of owning Stormdrum and loving the Kompakt Instrument I have yet to find a use for the Intakt Instrument, through no lack of trying.
I've had a particularly fruitless night with Intakt Player so i'm airing my greivances.

Sample Mode: According to the manual, this allows you to play the sample in reverse as well as select outputs. Is that it? Also, when switching to this mode, samples play out of time with the other keys.

Tracking (all modes): As described in the manual "When enabled, a Zone's pitch changes as you play different keys on the keyboard." Nope. Playing different keys triggers different samples, or nothing at all.

Beat Machine: This is the only mode that offered any ideas. In slice mode samples are mapped to specific keys, but i'm global mode playing the keyboard results in s jerky out of time cycling through mapped keys.

Time Machine: This mode seems interesting only when the legato function is active. Other than that the TRC and TRS functions are poorly explained and confusing.

I hope i'm not coming off as stupid as I sound, I simply think that a product i've bought should contain some type of maunal that explains how said product is used. There seems to be no info/training/anything regarding this product that i've found.

Please help.....