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Topic: In a Hunt for a Master!

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    In a Hunt for a Master!

    In a search for a teacher!

    I do know that this topic will might seem unreasonable and selfish, but i have to ask.

    Praises to Gary and the RK Course, but i would like to learn more. And ofcourse for free.

    Is there maybe a teacher, that does these kind of things. Online teachings?

    I am only posting this because i saw a post way earlier and this person was offering but the space got filled.

    Thank you,
    Dean Milenkovic

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    Re: In a Hunt for a Master!

    The RK book is very good, and with the online examples, can't be beat. If you're looking for someone to critique your orchestrations, perhaps just post them here and ask opinions.

    Otherwise, I've always found the best teacher might be the scores of some of your favorite composers.

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