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Topic: opinion on ethnic instruments library

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    opinion on ethnic instruments library

    hey guys,

    i need your advice... yet AGAIN...

    i'm about to purchase some kind of ethnic instruments library (who would have guessed...), and my research has brought up two choices. first of all there's of course the allmighty RA - ethnic instruments, which is wihtout doubt one of, if not the, best librarys out now for ethnic stuff. but, on the other hand, it's pretty hard on the budget, which is why i felt the need to investigate a bit more on the matter in the first place, and have come up with ethno world 3 complete, which, judging from the audio-demos over at bestservice, isn't too shabby eihter.

    so, in a nutshell, my question is:

    has anybody around here had the chance to compare the two libs first hand over a prolonged period of time and can comment on how they match up against each other? amount of instruments sampled, overall playability (very important to me as i'm not THAT much of a "tweak your midi"-wiz), and quality of sound? i KNOW that forking out the money for RA should actually be a no-brainer, but still... it IS a bit costly, at least for the budget that i have right now.

    any input will be, as always, much appreciated :-)

    thanks and cu,


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    Re: opinion on ethnic instruments library

    As they say , you get what you pay for. I have Ethno World 2 and while it sounds really great, the samples are not long enough for slow passages. It seems that in order to include a lot of different instruments in the library they sacrificed sample length time. I don't know anything about RA but if it's Quantum Leap I would be suprised if it's anything less than astounding.

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    Re: opinion on ethnic instruments library

    From what I understand, Ethno world will have more loops included, rather then multisampled instruments to play. Which may or may not be a better thing for you. I have RA, and it has some pretty sweet multi instruments with keyswitches, not a ton of them, but what is in there is high quality. Very playable. However, if you are looking for ethnic loops and stabs, RA will not be for you. Nor if you are looking for more percussive instruments, RA doesn't have a ton of that either, but what is in there is awesome. Even with storm drum, I still find myself using some of the percussion not found in SD from RA. If you look on ~~~~~~~~~~~~-forums.com, and do a search on this topic, ethno world 3, you will find a similiar thread, with some good discussion from users on both. if you can't find that link, let me know and I will paste it in for ya! For a super tight budget, I heard that Motu's ethno isn't to shabby either.

    Oh, as far as RA, if you are making money on music, RA will probally pay for itself after awhile, if not quickly. Even with non-ethnic centered music, I have been able to throw a little in here and there and it has flavored other styles of music quite nicely. Let me know if you want to hear samples my friend.

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    Re: opinion on ethnic instruments library

    ok, so ethno world has more loops? that's what i NOT want, so thanks for warning me of that. unfortunately, i'm not making any money composing music as of yet (making a living teaching guitar and music theory/solfege at numerous music schools), but am definitely striving to do so in the near to middle future, so plunking down the money for RA is, as you can imagine, not something i will consider easily. but, as it is, i have no choice, since ethno world seems to be out of the question due ti what you told me. oh well... guess i just have to save up and wait a little longer. bet it will be worth the wait, though, judginf grom what i hear on demos and all over the place :-)

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    Re: opinion on ethnic instruments library


    I only have Ethno World 3 but I'm very pleased with it. There are both very playable samples AND loops, probably less loops overall, and a lot of instruments are presented in two or three ways, as single playable samples, as loops at different tempi and as a combination of notes, fx (there are some great things like string scrapes, taps etc,) and loops in one key set.
    There's a big old world out there, a lot to cover and no single affordable library can do everything, but there's a huge diversity in this library - although I lust after tibetan horn samples which aren't there!
    There's also a great banjo, dobro style guitar, irish whistles amongst the ouds, chinese fiddles and zheng harps and monochords (that's fun with a few plug in effects!)
    and the like.

    But don't let me influence you



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    Re: opinion on ethnic instruments library

    Quote Originally Posted by BarrieB
    ... but don't let me influence you
    too late great... now i'm back to pondering what lib to buy *sigh* why can't we have 'em all

    but seriusly, it's good to know that ethno world 3 isn't as bad as i initially thought it was. i'll have to think this one over quite a bit, i guess :-)

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    Re: opinion on ethnic instruments library

    I have heard very good things about Ethno as well, so I didn't mean to dissuade you, I am sure you will be ver happy with it, with a lot lower price tag too.

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    Re: opinion on ethnic instruments library

    Quote Originally Posted by BarrieB
    although I lust after tibetan horn samples which aren't there!

    Just kicking myself because there ARE tibetan horn samples - 'Rag-Dun', alto tenor and bass versions, so EW3 is even better than I thought!



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    Re: opinion on ethnic instruments library

    A very good but ancient ethnic library from Dirk Cambell is Origins. I have a great time using the plucked string samples and reeds. They don't have the usual Ethno world flavor that you hear everywhere you go. A good addition to any worldly recordings, or live venue.


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    Re: opinion on ethnic instruments library

    the Origins library sounds prety good to me as well. Also MOTU has a new Ethnic library with both instruments and loops. I have Ethno 2 and never use it. I hear demos of ethnic instrumnets that knock my socks off all the time but i think one really needs to understand the jist of those instruments to get a nice performance.

    Good luck!


    PS Here's a link for MOTU Ethno:

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