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Topic: Another One Of Those Days

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    Another One Of Those Days

    To all my friends at Northern Sounds
    this is a special, happy day.
    I've got a surprise that will make you say "Zounds!"
    And hold all of your cares, heartaches, and troubles at bay.
    We'll feel like sunshine, though we might have wounds.
    Together our hands we'll join, unless we are horses that neigh.
    Our joy will grow by leaps and bounds!
    We'll compose songs about happiness, not curds or whey
    with parts for all instruments, and even some hounds.
    What is this wonder, what is it, you say?
    Something to grow our creativity till it piles up in mounds!
    Everyone rejoice! It's Bad Poetry Day!

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    Re: Another One Of Those Days

    by Jamie Kowalski

    Late at night I did arise
    as the nubby, milky sound did sift through my ears
    Whoot-ta-hooo whoot-ta-hoota-hooo
    oh little hoot owl! There you are!
    will you help me find my shirt?
    the blue one with the little dinosaur on it
    - Jamie Kowalski

    All Hands Music - Kowalski on the web
    The Ear Is Always Correct - Writings on composition

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    Re: Another One Of Those Days

    by Dargason

    Way down south
    where the air is cold
    and the little green things
    climb up your sleeve
    and make a hearty meal
    of your left armpit
    and eat your face
    with mechanical precision
    and smile as they draw
    on pretty-colored paper
    and wear way too much
    cologne and after-shave.
    I'm gone
    My time is up, up, up, up
    Silly little green things.

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    Re: Another One Of Those Days

    Bad Poe etry

    Edgar, what can one dare say?
    Your tortured mind, again, you display today;
    O how you cause so much sufferin'
    Especially for those whose fall you usher in:
    Couldst thou not cease the writing of endless gore?
    Couldst thou not have said, "Nevermore!"
    Why wast thou so obsessed with death?
    Didst thou work for the forerunner of the I.R.S.?
    Yet, doubtless, this query you will not heed
    As you insist that yet another protagonist doth bleed!


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    Re: Another One Of Those Days



    What can I say... I'm a minimalist.

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    Re: Another One Of Those Days

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    Re: Another One Of Those Days


    Bleak restrained quietness,
    muted and spartan, austere.
    Unsophisticated and inconspicuously chaste.
    Denuded and stripped dry, laconic.
    Divested in understated plainness and terse.


    Bedecked extravagance arrayed,
    exaggerated of ostentatious swank.
    Garishly ornate, it's a senselesness poem.
    Just coppied words from a thesarus,
    what could be worse?


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    Re: Another One Of Those Days

    These poems are really keen,
    So sumtuous and not obscene.
    I truly wish I could join the fun,
    But lack of talent is no pun.
    To this end I wrote this ode,
    Of course it's in the Dorian mode.

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    Re: Another One Of Those Days

    Reading the poetry so far, it's a good thing
    we're all musicians.


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    Re: Another One Of Those Days

    Who's a musician - not me - oh my I thought this was the lterary forum. Can someone tell me where the tutorial section for being a musician is?

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