Yeah, sounds bad, doesn't it? Well, no, I really mean does anyone have experience with rackmount enclosures such as the Antec Take 3 ( Or the
CR4011B ( from Case Depot? I'm interested in rackmounting my slaves (there I go again...) and am trying to keep noise to a minimum. NOISE TO A MINIMUM!! So, aside from all the little things I'll do later with the inards, I'll start with trying to buy the quietest case.

The Antec is about $249 U.S. And the Case Depot is about $99. Now, I'm wondering (other than the antec is 3 unit and case depot is a 4 unit), could I bring up the specifications with my own modifications (rubber gromets, super quiet 120 mm fans, that sort of thing) of the Case Depot to meet the Antec? I mean is the Antec really that much quieter and coolor.

I know Antec prides themselves on their airflow design, but honestly, I bought a Sonata 2 and while it is quiet, no doubt, there's nothing special about it that I couldn't replicate for less with custom parts.

Well, anyway, just wondering if anyone had experience with these cases (or similar cases).

Mahlon Bouldin