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Topic: GigaStudio Midi Control Problem

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    GigaStudio Midi Control Problem

    Hello Forums:

    I've ran into some problem (as I am a new user to Digital Music and GigaStudio itself). Please help me!!!

    So I have my GigaStudio Orchestra open.

    I'm on the MIDI Mixer. I have GigaPiano loaded in Slot 1, and a Vienna Violin loaded in Slot 2.

    When I play on my midi Controller (Roland Fantom S88, connected to M-Audio ProjectMix I/O, connected via FireWire to computer), I can hear the audio of whatever instrument I have in Slot 1. My question is, how do I play the instrument in Slot 2?! I've been messing with this for at least an hour. I've read the manual, and it just doesn't make sense. Please help

    Also, I was wondering how do you record an entire song in GigaStudio? Can you do it? Or do you need a sequencer?


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    Re: GigaStudio Midi Control Problem


    You need a sequencer to record a song. You can also use it to direct your MIDI stream to Giga's various ports and channels(slots).

    Basically, Giga just sits there, making sounds on Ports and channels available. There are two ways to point your MIDI stream at something other than channel 1. A) Set a different channel in your keyboard. If it does splits, you can direct the left half a channel 1 and the right half at channel 2, if you so please. And B) you can send channel 1 data from your keyboard to your sequencer, then the sequencer can redirect the stream to whatever port and channel you desire.

    Best of luck,

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    Re: GigaStudio Midi Control Problem

    Thank you! Problem solved!

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