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Topic: GS3 breaks windows control panel?

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    Question GS3 breaks windows control panel?

    Hi all -

    I just picked up GS3 ensemble, and after installing it (and the 3.12 patch), my Add/Remove Programs applet won't launch. I have to restart the machine in safe mode to get that applet to run. I'm running XPsp2 on an Athlon XP 3000+ w/ 1GB RAM. Any ideas?


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    Re: GS3 breaks windows control panel?

    go to ...Control Panel>Performance and Maintance>Event Viewer>Application Log..also..System Log..look for errors here to pinpoint the problem..

    I would also take a look at the Device Manager..go to Control Pane>Performance and Maint.>System>Hardware>Device Manager..look for errors..

    Update Windows at Microsoft..Update all your drivers on all your hardware..Look for sound card IRQ conflicts( in the Device manager)..run antivirus..run antispyware..update your bios..get some diagnostic softwae to check your machine,,..Is your CPU fan working? Do you have an adequate video card?..Clean up your machine..run Accesories>System Tools>Disk Cleanup..run disk defrag here also(system tools)..Right click at bottom bar and open up Task Manager..update your computer at its manufacture's site..find a High speed broadband connection to use if you dont have one other wise this will take forever

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    Re: GS3 breaks windows control panel?

    .... And reboot!

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    Re: GS3 breaks windows control panel?

    as a test ( and I don't even know if this is possible with GS3 ) try disabeling
    msg32.3xe from running at startup ( or what ever the new version of it is called ) and also anything else associated with GS3 ... stop it from running at startup and create a shortcut to it, to launch it when ever you need it.

    That " might " tell you somethng about the problem with your control panel

    I disabled msg32.exe a few yrs ago and only start it up manually when I know I'm going to use GS2.5.

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