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Topic: BST - Sometimes In Winter - JABB

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    BST - Sometimes In Winter - JABB

    Here is a recording of the Sometimes in Winter which is a Blood, Sweat & Tears song off the same album as Spinning Wheel: http://members.cox.net/teresaortner/Sometimes.mp3

    All brass is JABB and shows off the mutes. Piano is JABB and the drums are all JABB except for the high-hat which is from Drumkit from Hell Superior. I needed hats that I could roll.

    The bass, flute and vocals are real. You'll have to excuse my flute playing as I haven't played it much in the past 10 years plus my flute is in need of a major overhaul.


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    Re: BST - Sometimes In Winter - JABB


    Very nicely done. Great use of the JABB, very effective in this demostration of how it can be applied even to this classic. Your flute playing was quite acceptable



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    Re: BST - Sometimes In Winter - JABB

    That's very nice, Mr. Jim!

    You toot good flute and voice too.

    Thank you for letting us listen.

    My best,

    Larry G. Alexander

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    Re: BST - Sometimes In Winter - JABB

    Another wonderful job on another one of my favorites!!

    You are setting the bar impossibly high... care to share the details of how you created this one?

    Also, just curious, and I don't think you need to make excuses about the flute, but is there a reason you used live flute and bass instead of their JABB counterparts?

    And, I am most impressed with your use of the JABB drums both here and in "Beginnings." It is all the more remarkable now that I know that you have DFHs.

    I have not spent much time with JABB drums because I really like DFHs, and while I am still learning, and it is complex, I am just astounded at the realism I can attain with DFHs. Recently I picked up Jamstix, and it integrates seamlessly with DFHs, and does quite a nice job of humanizing drum parts. That wouldn not work for a cover, of course, but for new parts I find I am doing much less tweaking. Previously I used MusicLab Slicy Drummer and Fill-in Drummer, and they too are pretty remarkable, but I never successfully built the 'one-size-fits-all' drum map!

    My hat is off to you once again!!!!!


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    Re: BST - Sometimes In Winter - JABB

    Beautiful job on this, Jim.

    This is one of those BST songs that always gives
    me chills... at which, my friend, you have succeeded,
    as well.

    Thank you for this one. Much enjoyed.


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    Re: BST - Sometimes In Winter - JABB


    I like to play instruments live if I can play them decent. It gives the arrangements more life. Also, I can play the bass parts much faster than trying to sequence them. It's hard to sequence slides, hammer-ons and pull-offs without spending ridiculous amounts of time. I have a Schecter bass which I plug into a Behringer V-Amp 2 guitar amp simulator. I can model different amps and cabinets.

    I use JABB and/or DFHS depending on the style of music. I like the tight kick in JABB but I use DFHS if I'm doing drum parts with double bass drums. JABB has a really nice set of toms that have a different tone than anything in DFHS. Only JABB has the great brush drum kit which was most of the drums in the song. I use DFHS for my prog original pieces as I can get a more modern sound that works well with synths. One drawback of both libraries is that I want a higher pitched popping snare.


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