This CPU has been OC'd to 3.72GHz already in an Asus mobo. I am only interested in stable audio performance in a live venue only.So the all Intel solution is once again the answer 4 me. This combination with 3 x 15 DSP cards from Creamware is a monster synth/sampler DAW. Since it was made 4 live venue's it is a little extreme in the DSP department, but if you ever heard their algorhythms you know there can never be enough. The CW synths from 3rd party developers are astounding. So this with the new GVI is what I'm hoping will work. If it doesn't, then Kontackt will have to do. EnergyXT and Bidule are the choices I use, and even in GS3 Orchestra, the instances of reverbs has gone from 6 on a 3.4 P4, to 9 on a new 2.66 Conroe, probably helps from the 4MB on chip cache. This CPU is quite a jump from Intel. It is cool and quiet, and fast as hell. I do believe this Dog will hunt!!