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Topic: Several pieces, an introduction.

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    Several pieces, an introduction.

    Hello to the general GPO listening public. My name is Adam, onion here i suppose.
    I just had a few pieces i felt i could share and here they are. As mentioned in the
    thread name, this is my introduction into this community.

    None of my pieces have real titles or, anything official in a general sense really.
    I can't tell you anything specific.. because i just wrote them, i don't have any training
    and i haven't done a lot of research. Don't let that stop you from listening though!

    Piano's September (A particular favorite of mine.)

    String and Flute

    Trio one

    Prelude B

    Jazz Number 1

    Jazz Number 2

    Any feedback is welcome, thanks for listening.

    (Edit: I forgot to mention most of these are as is, not complete. It takes me
    a while to get around to completing these sort of things. And i also forgot to add a piece.)

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    Re: Several pieces, an introduction.

    A warm welcome to the forum, Adam!

    Just a header note... it's usually best to post a single piece
    for a thread. Though it's certainly not a rule, it does make it
    easier for people to focus and make specific comments.

    Sounds like you've made fine progress already with the tools
    of the trade, Adam. And I hear quite a range of diversity in these
    pieces, as well as much promise in the writing itself. There's
    definitely an inventive mind at work, here.

    I might caution in a few places that one does well to consider
    if humans can play the material (at least, if you intend it to
    be played by humans... lol). But there are some really ingenious
    strokes in a number of these pieces that I think will really take
    you somewhere as you develop them.

    Once again, welcome aboard!

    All my best,


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    Re: Several pieces, an introduction.

    Thanks for the advice.

    Though some of the work might be hard.. i generally aim for playable.

    And yeah, i know it's a general thing to have one song at a time.
    But this stuff has been sitting around for a while and has nothing
    really special attached to it and I like to hear many works from people
    i find and like on this type of board.

    So i went ahead and added as many as i felt reasonable.

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