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Topic: Bustards (1st Mvt)

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    Bustards (1st Mvt)

    Well, that is not a mis-spelling. Bustards are birds, and the Great Bustard is the largest flying bird.

    Here is the first movement, for two pianos. The score is not quite ready. Maybe in a day or so.

    Bustards (1st Mvt)

    The second movement is slowly forming inside my skull. The 3d is a blank, and the fourth is trying to take shape.

    It might take a while. Meanwhile, this one is fun, I have listened to it many times, and will listen to it many more times.

    The pianos are, of course, the GPO Steinway.


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    Re: Bustards (1st Mvt)

    I'm glad you explained bustards, Richard.

    Your style seems to be evolving into a greater richness,
    fuller textures, and greater dynamism. I always despair
    of putting words around a Wayland piece, though... lol.

    May I leave it at... a fascinating piece, still again, much
    enjoyed. To my ear, Richard, you've really been hitting
    stride with strong pieces, lately.



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