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Topic: [MUSIC] ewqlso silver + guitar

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    [MUSIC] ewqlso silver + guitar

    after reading some topics here about "EWQLSO vs GPO vs other libraries" I just bought EWQLSO Silver Edition. I know it's not THE best (not even near:), but there was a nice discount and I'm really new to serious symphonic music writing.

    I just thought that with this relatively cheap version of a library I will learn my real needs and what I really like and dislike about symphonic libraries in general. I'm not really into symphonic music in a classical way I used it mostly as a background for some... hmmm... you can call it black-metal work.

    after some playing with renowned EWQLSO's bombastic, Matrix-style:) sound I tried to do something more chamber. after few minutes I thought "what this will sound if I replace the oboe with my guitar?":) and it really sounds nice. so... I deceided to show it to you guys and gals - tell me what you think about it?

    http://paluchowski.pl/symphonic_guitar.mp3 (~4MB)

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    Re: [MUSIC] ewqlso silver + guitar

    I like it!

    The metal guitar goes very well with the chamber strings. I like the oboe in the lower register too.....or is that a coranglais?

    Very interesting piece of writing.....something a little different. Good effort.


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