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Topic: Trumpet improvisation

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    Trumpet improvisation

    Hello there!

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post my solo trumpet improvisation.

    Anyway, here is an excerpt from a song of mine.



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    Re: Trumpet improvisation


    very interesting, thank you!

    Actually at 0:27 it reveals its keyboard character. I would skip that or rework it. The lower passages are more convincing.

    What I like is that it has drive and energy. What are you using?


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    Re: Trumpet improvisation


    I think that you have something really good started here. My thinking is that the solo trumpet needs to stand out stronger against the background. I agree with Hanne that the trumpet looses it truer brass sound, "keyboard character", as he puts it later on. Even so, the piece have excellent ideas and drive behind it.

    I little more work will probably bring that back together.

    Good luck.



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    Re: Trumpet improvisation

    I don't believe I 've seen you at Garritan Listening Room,
    previously: a very warm welcome, Aleksandar!

    Strong, driving, infectious energy to this snippet; very
    well done. Nice job on the percussion, too.

    Aleksandar, what are you using for the trumpet especially;
    but also the ensemble?

    Perhaps some of our sharper technical fellows can offer
    a few suggestions to loosen that up a bit and develop
    the sound more fully.

    Best regards,


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    Re: Trumpet improvisation


    Yes, as etLux wrote, this is my first time in the Garritan listening room. Thank you for the warm welcome etLux.

    Gary, Hannes, etLux, thank you for the critics. You are right about the keyboard like sound of the trumpet in the high register. The sample I used for trumpet was “Sonic Implants Trumpet” in .sf2 format. I played through Halion. I actually used two samples; the other one is trumpet “Falls”.

    In the background play trumpets, Saxes (alto, tenor and baritone) and trombones. All of those samples are not good sounding by its self, but together they can render tolerable sound.

    The drum kit was “Wizoo Drums & Perc” and the double bass is unknown sample of the same quality as brass. Gonna change it with Trulogy.

    Best regards to all you guys .

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