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Topic: Mac Pro Quad PCx problems

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    Mac Pro Quad PCx problems

    Dear Users,
    Perhaps someone can advise my about the following:
    - I recently installed the new Mac Pro quad version in my studio.
    But I discovered my PCI digiface version doesn't fit in the newer PCx slots.
    I need a good replacement for my adat card.
    I have 3 Gigastudio PC's connected to my logic system (Mac Pro).

    Is there an 3x adat PCx slot card, and what could be a good alternitive for my great Digiface?

    Thanks for your time,


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    Re: Mac Pro Quad PCx problems

    I believe those slots are actually PCI-e, not PCI-X. Still, RME cards aren't PCI-e compatible (though they ARE PCI-X compliant I think).

    Any reason you haven't considered a Fireface 800 or similar?

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