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Topic: Arban Studies: Loving, I Think of Thee

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    Arban Studies: Loving, I Think of Thee

    Here is a piece I harmonized and arranged so my trumpet students would have an accompanied song with which to practice. I did not have access to the chords that the original composer used, so I harmonized and arranged it myself. It's a string quintet with piano accompaniment. This comes from the section in the Arban's Conservatory Method of trumpet playing where the student is to be studying phrasing and style.

    Loving, I think of Thee

    Let me know what you think. I am going to be doing more of these for my students. Yes, I included the melody line in the 1st violin so the student would have something to follow.

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    Re: Arban Studies: Loving, I Think of Thee

    Ahhhhh yesssss the old Arban (Carban) studies. I remember them well !!

    Nice work on a practice piece for your students. Always a nice touch to put yourself into a project like this. The GPO worked well for it I think.



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    Re: Arban Studies: Loving, I Think of Thee

    Beautiful job on this, and fine work with the harmonization;
    some really sweet strokes in this that work superbly.

    A pleasure to the ear!


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