Currently using a Pentium D 955XBK (dual 2.8) w/ 2 gig of 667 RAM, w/ 200g sys drv, 250g aud drv, 200g sample drive. I run Sonar 5.2 pe w/ GS 3.12 in stand alone mode with success (After much tweaking and pinpointing).

When I got the computer it was set up with the SATA drives in IDE mode. This Mobo has RAID storage controllers built in (southbridge I think, don't quote me) and has the ability to switch to RAID without re-installing the OS. My questions are: With the system on one drive, should I use the other two drives (currently audio and samples) as one RAID drive with both audio and samples? Or should I wait till I have 5 drives, 1 for sys , 2 for audio RAID, and 2 for sample RAID? Or should I re-install everything in RAID, OS and all. I'm a little new to the RAID, but I think I would benefit since I stream lots of Orchestral samples, pianos, lots of tracks, etc.

Thanks for any light you can shed on the darkness.