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Topic: GPO X-Folder instruments and K2?

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    GPO X-Folder instruments and K2?


    I am considering the upgrade from Kontakt 1.13 to 2.1. It is offered now for EUR 59 or so and the loading time and RAM usage seems to be significantly smaller.

    Does Kontakt 2.1 have support for the slider magic of the X-custom folder instruments (setting a switch to cc01 and manipulating the sensitivity slope with the slider)? I have been searching the demo for a while but did not find.

    Thank you


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    Re: GPO X-Folder instruments and K2?

    I figured out that there may be something.

    Amplifier -> Modulation -> envelope has sliders at least. Up to now they have no effect.

    Does anybody have a K2.1 documentation? They deliver the trial version with not the full docu.


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