I'm running Giga 3.12 on my Pentium D 955XBK (dual 2.8) w/ 2gig of 667 RAM, 200g sys, 250 audio, 200g sample drive. I'm using the M-Audio 1814 firewire interface. I run giga in stand alone mode with Sonar 5.2 w/ great success. ( After much tweaking) My DMA buffers are set to 64 which provides the least amount of latencey. I'm in GSIF2 mode and using the midi in on my audio card so as to take advantage of the midi kernel streaming. My problem is that I can send a midi out to Giga and one to my external Roland Fantom-X and Giga is ever so slightly behind the roland. The lag doesn't bother me so bad on strings and horns, but when playing piano runs, or drums it erks me. If I time delay the tone in the Roland by 1 time delay (roland unit) the two match up.

My question is this: Is the extra lag due to the fact that I'm using a Firewire audio interface?

If so, should I get a PCI audio card just for Giga?
Currently my firewire unit is going into a TI firewire PCI card in the back.
Would a direct PCI audio card shave off that little bit of bothersome latency?

Thanks in advance!