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Topic: MPC and Gigastudio

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    Exclamation MPC and Gigastudio

    would i be able to sequence using a midi keyboard and my MPC 2000xl?? i want gigastudio to sequence on my MPC, using my triton as the controller and record into pro tools. im running a mac. or will i have to get a seperate pc just to run this??

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    Re: MPC and Gigastudio

    I tried this when I first got GS3 (Cubase hadn't arrived yet) and it worked. I didn't get too technical with it. I basically used GS3 as a sound module for a couple of days just so that I could get used to hearing the sounds. It's all midi so as long as you're connect correctly you should be ok.

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    Re: MPC and Gigastudio

    im about to pick up that yamaha mo6 and i was thinkin bout gettin giga to use as a crazy sound mod to sequence on my MPC. anybody gotta diagram or extra info i should know?? this would be my first time every using a virtual synth

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