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Topic: hello, am new here,,,

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    hello, am new here,,,


    am new on this forum, u can listen example of my work here :


    i hope to have occasion to talk with you about music and technic
    this forum is very wonderfull.

    Laurent K

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    Thumbs up Re: hello, am new here,,,

    Very Last of the Mohicans/Randy Edelman. I like this track very much!

    Francis Belardino
    Bela D Media.com
    Bela D Media | www.BelaDMedia.com

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    Re: hello, am new here,,,

    thank Very much for your compliment Francis,
    (i like too Randy Edelman)

    Laurent K

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    Re: hello, am new here,,,

    Nice job, Mr. Koleda.

    What libraries used?

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    Always nice to welcome such enormous talent to the NI forum! This is AWESOME!
    Love the intelligent use of percussion, overall dynamics! May I ask what library you are using?
    Looking forward to hearing more of your work.

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    Re: hello, am new here,,,

    Sounds great! Excellent work

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    Re: hello, am new here,,,

    hello, thank for your congratulations..

    for this song i use my old orchestral set constitued if i remember at 80% of P. Siedlaczk's (mixed with fiew other) i use also externals expandeurs (D50,R8,DX7,M1R, etc...)


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    Re: hello, am new here,,,

    Man... It’s time to jump to other libraries...

    You’re movie oriented, as I see in your credits.

    You have the skill, you miss the tool.

    Buy the whole VSL.

    (And welcome to the forum.)

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    Re: hello, am new here,,,

    yes Crystal, u have raison..!

    i will change soon, but, i dont know yet what chose between VSL and Sonic Implants.
    i have read VSL have may be sound more "classical" style.
    i you have informations about it

    Laurent K

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    Re: hello, am new here,,,

    If it’s not a matter of price, go to VSL’s VIs. I think there is no comparison.

    It’s the Rolls at the moment. It’s the price of a car, but less expensive than a car... (no oil needed...) (maybe a hard drive some times...)

    VSL is already used now for big movies.

    With it you can face all situations, for all clients IMHO.

    You’re already in the business : productivity matters. VIs are the best answer, certainly not perfect, but the best tool for now, check their video tutorial. Very well done.

    And of course the demo zone too.

    I only own the First Edition, but personally, my next jump will be directly all VIs.

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