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Topic: Any Interest in Arban Studies Harmonized

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    Any Interest in Arban Studies Harmonized


    I am currently working on a project where I am harmonizing the Art of Phrasing Songs in the Arban Conservatory Method. Right now there are 3 posted in the Listening Room of this Forum.

    I am wondering if anyone might have an interest in this project. I am harmonizing them so my students have somethingalong with which to play. I can demonstrate on my trumpet, but when they go home, they have no model to follow. I plan to put these harmonizations on a CD for my student's use.

    I have the first 7 done. If anyone would be interested in hearing the ones I have not posted, I will kindly post them for your benefit.

    I am currently contacting the publisher to see if there might be a market for this CD and also if I would have the 'rights' to publish th CD.

    These are the three I have uploaded:

    1) Robin Adair

    2) Loving, I Think of Thee

    3) My Own

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    Re: Any Interest in Arban Studies Harmonized

    William, just a thought, but you might want to include links to
    some of these in your post, above, so people can get a better
    idea of just how good they are.

    I've heard several of these, and was quite impressed with them.



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