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Topic: Gigapulse VST messed up Gigapulse!

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    Gigapulse VST messed up Gigapulse!

    I had the Gigapulse included with GS3 but got the VST to apply to my audio tracks.

    I installed it and imported it into Sonar.

    However, now most of my presets bring up an error about the mic presets not being found and crash sonar when I insert them as a VST.

    In Gigastudio I am having the same error message but nothing crashes.

    HELP! Do I have to install Gigastudio again or remove the VST? Anyone else have this experience?

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    Re: Gigapulse VST messed up Gigapulse!

    Both versions of Gigapulse (VST and Pro) share the same configuration manager. Assuming you correctly installed the Gigapulse content, go into that from the Start menu and point it to where the content is installed. If done correctly, you'll see both mics and impulses show up and both plugins will work.

    - G

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    Re: Gigapulse VST messed up Gigapulse!

    That's right... did you install all of your .fxb files in the same folder -- usually some variation of C:\TASCAM\GPulse\Common\ -- for both versions of GigaPulse?
    — alanb




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    Re: Gigapulse VST messed up Gigapulse!

    Thanks, guys!

    I chose all the default installation options. For some reason, not all folders were pointed to correctly by the installer. I fixed that, rebooted, and voila! Works like a charm.

    Could have been the Sonar VST Converter program, who knows...

    Thanks again!

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