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Topic: Call for Participation in the Vega Strike Music Committee

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    Thumbs up Call for Participation in the Vega Strike Music Committee

    Vega Strike (http://vegastrike.sourceforge.net) is an open source space combat simulator game in the style of Wing Commmander Privateer, featuring high end 3D graphics and an exciting musical score.

    We would like to announce the creation of the Vega Strike Music Committee. The mission of the Music Committee is as follows:

    To enhance the musical aspect of the Vega Strike experience through the establishment and maintainence of a series of requirements, guidelines and best practices in regards to its music; ensuring the music submissions meet these requirements and are of sufficient merit to be included in the game; promoting the project to prospective composers; providing training, mentoring, and support services to assist composers with completing their tasks; and, providing Vega Strike's developers with the necessary feedback they need to improve the music component of the game engine.

    The Vega Strike team understands that musicians, like many others, have busy schedules. Participation in the Music Committee does NOT mean that you have to commit time to composing music or providing training and mentoring to the composers. We need the help of experienced composers and musicians to set guidelines for the music in the game and also identify what aspects should be included in skills development, training and mentoring sessions for aspiring composers who want to contribute and at the same time enhance their musical skills and knowledge.

    In essence, by participating in the Music Committee you will be helping to shape the musical futures of this exciting open source project!

    If you would like more information on the Vega Strike Music Committee and how to join it, please reply to this posting or via private message.

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    Smile Re: Call for Participation in the Vega Strike Music Committee

    UPDATE: We've now opened up a thread for musicians to indicate their interest in participating in the Music Committee and introduce themselves.

    Click here to go to the thread.


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