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Topic: Jungle Adventure

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    Jungle Adventure

    The last one I posted was from a theatre piece I did last year, called "If you give a mouse a cookie...", based on the children's book by the same name. This is yet another piece I composed for that show. It's called "Jungle Adventure." For those of you who didn't listen to "Scaling the Fridge", first off, shame on you, hehe, second, you remember that it was basically like scoring a cartoon. Every line choreographed, timed and scored to tailor-fit. Very fun project. Thank god for Looney Tunes. Was quite a good lesson in orchestration as well.

    In this scene the little boy is trying to get the mouse to fall asleep by reading him his comic book entitled, 'The Adventures of Jungleman.' While the boy is reading the story, hoping the mouse will fall asleep, unbeknownst to him the mouse is behind him reinacting the whole story as he is telling it. The hero of the story, alongside his pet elephant, Leon, strolls through the jungle only to find danger. He faces evil crocodiles, manages to slip away, but in a run of bad luck comes across his mortal enemy, the evil King Constrictor. Jungleman fights King Constrictor mono e mon...uh...snako. They battle it out tossing and turning in the water until the snake slithers no more. Jungleman has triumphed again. Just as he is celebrating he hears a rustle in the bushes. Jungleman is ready to strike. But he laughs with joy on to see it is only Leon, checking to see if he was safe. All is well in the jungle thanks to Jungleman.

    Hope you enjoy. Thanks for listening.




    P.S. For those who missed it, here is 'Scaling the Fridge':


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    Re: Jungle Adventure


    Definitely quite expertly orchestrated and rendered! Great imagination with lots of fitting surprises, to the extent I could "see" what was happening on stage. Thanks for posting this!


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    Re: Jungle Adventure


    Very cool. I'd love to see this coupled with a cartoon video where the characters are acting out what we hear. You really have it down, man. This is an interesting style of writing and you should be very succesful with it in my opinion.

    It's been a long time since I've heard music of this nature, but it was a very pleasant listening experience.

    BRAVO, Chris........

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    Re: Jungle Adventure

    Chris, your orchestrations are always interesting,
    innovative, and skillful. This is sweet work, great
    color writing.

    (And honest, I really will answer that email from,
    oh gosh, 8/2... rofl. Yikes, am I behind on things.)

    Impressive control on this, by the way -- very
    well *conducted*!



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    Re: Jungle Adventure

    Fun, and definitely worthy of Looney Toons! Carl Stalling would be proud!
    - Jamie Kowalski

    All Hands Music - Kowalski on the web
    The Ear Is Always Correct - Writings on composition

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    Re: Jungle Adventure

    I suppose this is all GPO, excellent work.. very fun listening....cool



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    Re: Jungle Adventure


    Boy, have you got the cartoon pacing, interweaving of musical quotes, and clever twists and turns mastered. Not to mention superior mixing skills. I grew up with this kind of stuff and I've never outgrown it.


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    Re: Jungle Adventure

    Thanks guys! I'm really glad you enjoyed it. It always nice to have a project were I don't have to take my self too serious. Plus it's great for someone who has ADD like my self. LOL...It definitely makes me appreciate the shear genius of good ol' Carl Stalling. Very few people are innovators, but he was certainly one of them in my book. He managed to create amazing scores which were complicated, to say the least, and orchestrated to the nines.

    David: No worries. The score I sent is pretty crappy, so don't look too closely. LOL!

    No matter how much I write I still have this underlying fear that someone will say, "You're a two bit hack and should never write again! I can't believe someone paid you for that" HA! Does anyone else have that fear, or is it just the insecurities of a neurotic composer?

    Dan: Yep, it was done on Finale GPO '06.

    Again, thank you guys very much for your feedback. I'm always impressed and truly greatful of the amount of support and creative criticism of this forum. Until recent years composers haven't had a way to get together and support one another in a positive way. I've been on several forums where it just seems more like a popularity contest than anything, or if you're not creating music for film or games then you might as well not be writing. I really appreciate your time and efforts to make this forum a success - and a success it is. All styles and genres are excepted...It's a wonderful thing.



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    Re: Jungle Adventure

    David: No worries. The score I sent...
    Actually, it was pretty darned clean, Chris. You should see
    what my roughs look like.

    I *did* finally answer your email on it earlier today.

    Does anyone else have that fear, or is it just the insecurities of a neurotic composer?
    Not me. By the time I get done working on a score for God
    only knows how long, I postively hate the piece and am fully
    convnced it's complete trash... rofl. Heck, how could you go
    downslope from there?



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    Re: Jungle Adventure


    What fun it must be to write a soundtrack piece like this. All the little twists and turns into one continuous flow of music and ideas. The orchestration works as well as I can envision what the visual must look like.

    Well done!!!



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