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Topic: Anyone using Gina 20 ?

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    Anyone using Gina 20 ?

    I discovered, that the soundcard is a crucial factor concerning polyphony.

    When changing from Soundblaster AWE to Gina (20 bit) I got a much better sound but lost about 30 to 40 voices on the same system.

    It seems that Gina eats up quite some system performance - even with the latest driver.

    Before upgrading my old Celeron 400 I would like to know, how much voices you get on your system (please specify processor) with your Gina 20 and Gigastudio. I reach 60 voices while the system is then at the very edge.

    Thanks for some comments.

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    Re: Anyone using Gina 20 ?

    My old processor (PIII 533 with 384MB RAM) gives me about 110 notes polyphony before getting clicks. My current processor (PIII 933, 512MB RAM) gives me 160 without problems. Gina 20 gives me no problems whatsoever.

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    Re: Anyone using Gina 20 ?

    I have found it to be dependant on the samples you use, how much poly you can achieve. E.g. in one piece I am doing I have no trouble getting to 160 voices, in another one I can hardly get 100. Don\'t know why this is so. I use the Gina20 on a TBird 1ghz on an MSI K7T Pro 2a motherboard, 1GB RAM.

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    Re: Anyone using Gina 20 ?

    I also use a Gina 20 and had trouble with polyphony until I turned off USB in CMOS. I still have continual trouble with error messages that I attribute to the Gina card/driver. The problem is that ECHO has moved on to 24 bit cards and abandoned improvements to drivers for their now obsolete cards. It\'s business.


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